These Akathist texts are presented in a readable and fairly consistent arrangement of language. There were adjustments to capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, sentence structure and word choice. In some instances, new verses were written to replace duplicated or missing verses, and some verses were repositioned in a different expressive order. Many English hymns contain irregularities both within the document and among documents. These selected hymns were organized in a format of topic-focused paragraphs followed by verses, for the purpose of clarity and for usefulness in prayer at home.

This work, therefore, is an attempt to reconstruct English hymns into grammatically fluent works, whether in traditional or modern English. In the reconstruction process, decisions had to be made regarding language usage and patterns. Additionally, some creativity had to be applied in order to balance adjustments to sentence structure. Care was taken to remain as true as possible to the original, or to support what may have been the intent of the original in unintelligible instances.

The prayers added to the end of each Akathist were written exclusively for this publication in lieu of other existing prayers or in the absence of concluding prayers.

The hymns in this collection are offered as alternatives and do not coordinate with any other published versions. Therefore, they should not be considered as official documents of any church or religion. This blog was compiled for the editor’s personal use, and it is shared in the chance that others might find it beneficial. Grateful recognition is accorded to the predecessors who wrote or translated these hymns, and to those who made them freely accessible to the public. This work was undertaken in thanksgiving to God Who is the only Author of life and Giver of gifts.


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